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CSD-3 time relay control     CSD-3P PLC control

0.1-7 litre PET bottle blow machine


Item Unit CSD-3 CSD-3P
Max. Volume of products L 2x2   1x7 2x2   1x7
Production capacity pcs/h 360-840 360-840
neck size of product mm < 75 < 75
Useful area of mould plate mm 360x500 360x500
Max. mould thickness mm 200 200
Min. mould thickness mm 170 170
Mould stroke mm 210 210
clamping Force KN 80 80
Stretch Stroke mm 380 380
Working pressure MPa < 1.2 < 1.2
Blowing air pressure MPa < 4.0 < 4.0
Power of main blower KW 0.1 0.1
power of preheater KW 11 11
Weight of main blower kgs 800 800
Weight of preheater kgs 380 380
Measurement of main blower cm 180x58x180 180x58x180
Measurement of preheater cm 145x70x135 145x70x135
   The machine is mainly used in blow molding PET hollow containers. It is also suitable for blowing various kinds of thermo-plastic bottles. It offer a wide scope for container volume selection and is equipped with high quality parts. Presently it is the best one among 2 steps blow molding machines.
   *The machine is pneumatic controlled without pollution.
   *The mould platen moving and stretching rod drawing can be stepless adjusted.
   *Double toggle mould clamping system brings strong clamping force.
   *Automatic belt adjusted device for adjusting mould position makes it easy to assemble moulds.
   *infra-red lamp pipes heating and digital voltage showing guarantee accuracy of controlling.
*inside preheater, the circulating speed of performs can be adjusted without limit.

CSD-3 adopt tiem relay control, all parts made in China

CSD-3P adopt PLC control, main parts adopt famous brand parts
   PLC control: OMRON (Japan) 
   Air blowing valve: PARKWER (Switzerland)
   Air valve for mold clamping: BOSCH (Germany)
   Air cylinder: AOSI (sino-korea joint venture factory)
   Air pipe for blowing: TOKAI (Japan) Max. pressure: 160 kgs
   Air pipe for mold clamping: KP(sino-germany joint venture),Max.pressure: 20 kgs
   Oil lubricator: MINDMAN (Korea)
   Switches: OMRON (Japan)
   A.C. contactor: MISUBISH or FUJI (Japan)
Heating Lamp: LOW POWER consumsion


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