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5 gallon PET bottle blow machine


Item Unit CSD-5P
Max. Volume of products L 3.8-20
Production capacity pcs/h 80
neck size of product mm < 100
Useful area of mould plate mm 420x630
Max. mould thickness mm 370
Min. mould thickness mm 300
Mould stroke mm 320
clamping Force KN 150
Stretch Stroke mm 530
Working pressure MPa 0.8-1.2
Blowing air pressure MPa 2.5-3.0
Power of main blower KW 2
power of preheater KW 15
Weight of main blower kgs 2100
Weight of preheater kgs 560
Measurement of main blower cm 275x68x210
Measurement of preheater cm 220x75x210
5 gallon PET bottle blow machine
Model CSD-5P 5 gallon PET bottle blow molding machine which lately researched by our factory  has attained international advanced level in 90s. The price of machine is only 1/10 of that of the international similar equipment under the condition of same quality and output. The machine is easy to be operated and enjoys high mate of successful end product (CSD-5P can blow above 99% perfect finished bottle). It is a perfect equipment to produce PET bucket of 5 gallon.

Air blowing valve: PARKER (Switzerland)
Air valve for mold clamping: BOSCH (Germany)
Air cylinder: ASOI (Sino-Koera joint venture factory)
Air pipe for blowing: TOKAI (Japan) Max pressure: 50 kgs
Air pipe for clamping: TPUCO (Taiwan) Max. pressure: 16 kgs
Oil Lubricator: MINDMAN (Koera)
Switches: OMRON (Japan)
All the air pipe connector: SANG-A (KOREA)
heating lamping: Low power consumption

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