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Fully-auto rinser-filler-capper

PET bottle blow machine

Mould for preform and bottle

Injection Blow Molding machine

Plastic injection machine

Bottled label & pack machine

Film blower & bag maker

Pharmacy packing machine

Paper cup & bowl machine



Fully-automatic rinser-filler-capper monoblock
  CGX  DGP series for water          RCGX  DGF series for hot drink(tea...)     
      DGX series for carbonated drink (cola...)          QGF series water filling machine 
      water or oil filler for 5 litre bottle          water filling line for 5 gallon bottle 
      glass bottle filling machine      can filling machine line
PET bottle blow machine
Fully-auto PET bottle blower (0.25-2l)          PET hot-filling bottle blower(0.01-2.5l)
      0.1-3 litre PET bottle  blower          0.1-7 litre PET bottle blower       
      3-7 litre large mouth PET bottle blower          5-12 litre PET bottle blower
      3-5 gallon PET bottle blower          BOPP bottle blower(0.01-2.5 litre)
mould for PET preform and bottle cap
PET preform injection mould          PET bottle blow mould
      cap injection mould          other mould
Injection blow molding machine
5 gallon PC bottle blow machine          0.015-0.8 litre PE PP PS bottle machine
      Max. 5 litre PE PP bottle machine          PMMA/PC lamp blow machine
      plastic cup making machine      
Plastic Injection Molding Machine
      2200PET PET injection molding machine          PET special injection machine
      Four cylinder fully hydraulic plastic injection molding machine
      Fully hydraulic PS series two-color PSM series binary-component injection machine
      Disc molding machine
Bottle label and packing machine
bottle unscrambler (setting machine)          bottle sealing and shrinking film pack machine
      round bottle labeling machine          Automatic twin side labeling machine
      label shrinksleeve machine          coding machine          bottle cap printer
bottle carton pack machine
Plastic film blowing machine set & bag maker
HDPE LDPE film blowing machine          Rotary Die head film blowing machine
      Polypropylene rotary die head film blowing machine
      Double-layer Co-extruding & rotary die head film blowing machine
      Computer fully-auto bag maker          High-speed photo control bag maker
      computer tracking hot-cutting bag maker          film blowing and bag maker 
      PVC film extrusion machine
Pharmacy packing machine
Blister packing machine          Al/Al  Al/Plastic Blister packing machine
      Multi-bag four-side sealing packing machine          
      Double-Al light-obstructing Blister packing machine
      Auto-feeding packing machine          Packing-in-carton machine
Paper cup & bowl machine
      Paper cup machine          Paper bowl machine          ice-cream tapered paper former
      Creasing and cutting machine          Shower membrane machine
      Vertical and horizontal cutting machine          UV oil-passing polish dual machine
      Film laminating machine          high speed computer cutting machine
      drink straw making machine

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