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FMS-800 - 1300 Double-sided Laminating Machine

Model FMS-800 FMS-1000 FMS-1300
Max. width of film 780cm 960cm 1250cm
speed of film 0-25 m/min 0-25 m/min 0-25 m/min
max pressure of film 12 MPa 12 MPa 12 MPa
heating power 18 KW 18 KW 18 KW
motor power 5.87 KW 5.87 KW 5.87 KW
layer quantity film 3 3 3
overall dimension 650x126x235cm 650x132x235cm 670x167x245cm
   model FMS series double-sides laminated machine is a patented product by our factory and belong to multi-functional laminating machine, which can finish once-through single and double-sided lamination and improve the productive and economic benefits, so it is the most ideal equipment in the packing industry.

FM-650 -1300 Film Laminating Machine

Model FM-650 FM-800 FM-1000 FM-1300
max. film width 630cm 780cm 960cm 1250cm
speed of film 0-25m/min 0-25m/min 0-25m/min 0-25m/min
max. pressure 14 MPa 14 MPa 14 MPa 14 MPa
heating power 15 KW 15 KW 15 KW 15 KW
motor power 4.8 KW 4.8 KW 4.8 KW 4.8 KW
dimension 5.2x1.3x2.3m 5.7x1.5x2.5m 6.0x1.7x2.5m 7.1x2.0x5.6m
Model FM series film laminating machine can uniformly coat a layer of organic chemistry adhesive on the roll film base material, make the solvent volatilize after drying tunnel heating and adhere the printed matter with film under pressure, thus making the printed matter have such comprehensive characteristics as high strength, good humidity resistance and beautiful appearance, etc. It has been widely used for laminating covers of books and periodicals, pictures, sample books of products and packing paper boxes, etc. So it is a kind of ideal equipment for improving the quality of printed matter.

SFM-720  1000 1100 Aquo-solvable film-compounded machine

Model SFM-720 SFM-1000 SFM-1100
effective width 670mm 950mm 1050mm
speed 0-40 m/min 0-40 m/min 0-40 m/min
motor power 4 kw 4 kw 4 kw
overall dimension 265x122x140cm 265x150x140cm 265x160x140cm
overall weight 1200 kg 1500 kg 1700 kg
  The machine uses aquo-solvable environmental protective glue and BOPP film. The products after being compounded and pressed, has the merits of high degree of transparence etc. and is equipped with an imported transverten self-cutting and a quick finishes rolling-up and pushing-out processing system. stable in performance, high speed and energy-saving. 

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