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Ice-cream Tapered Paper Sleeve Former

Working Principles:
Suction nozzle suckles the preprinted matters and slitted paper from paper shelf on the delivery chain, and then delivery to forming module. In this procedure, coating heat melt adhesive on the paper. The position length of heat melt adhesive and coating weights can be adjusted in the producing without stop if need. The coating paper will be blew to collecting device after formed, pile and count automatically, delivery out automatically against presetting piled numbers without stop.

Standard Fitting
   1. complete electric-controlled case, include segment and non-segment speed regulating.
 2. vacuum device and air-condensing device.
 3. heat melt adhesive device.
 4. products piling device.
 5. fin refusing collecting device.
 6. A kit of forming module.
 7. Ten fin knives.

Producing speed
   The highest speed is 200 pcs/min

The raw materials
   Paper, combined aluminum foil paper or dry stencil paper that cannot exceed 100g/m2.

The characteristic of the paper sleeve former
   It has high efficiency, and the highest efficiency is that it can make 200pcs/min. The products can count automatically.
   It can be set up conveniently with small overall and a small covering area (the overall dimension is 14850x1750x1800mm).
   The machine has low load power with about 5.5kw, it has frequency conversion and speed regulation, and with high precision.
   The transmission uses the box-pattern. The steel and stability are good and have high precision. Oil-cycle lubrication.
   Its automatic level is high. Its operation and regulation are easy and the machine is convenient to repair.
   The price is cheap. there are two types for you to choose.

DYK5 (Normal Form)
   1. The lowest height: 140mm
   2. the highest height: 220mm
   3. Angle: 21.5 - 22.5 degree
DYK5 (Adjustable Form)
   1. The lowest height: 100mm
   2. the highest height: 255mm
   3. Angle: 15 - 28 degree

Other accessories:
1. glue programmed controlling
   2. air compression engine

Covering area
: 2x2 m
Packing dimension: 1.8x2.0x2.0 m
Weight: 800 kgs   


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