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DPP160S Al/Al, DPP160 Al/Plastic Blister Packing Machine

  DPP160 DPP160s
Max. forming area (mm2) 150x100 150x100
Max. forming depth (mm) 25 10
Max. cutting rate capsule  tablet 40 times/min 40 times/min
xilin bottle, injector 30 times/min  
Max. cutting step width (mm) 100 100
Max. packing material width (mm) 150 150
Max. material dia (mm) PVC Ø400 Al foil Ø400
PTP Al foil Ø280 PTP Al foil Ø280
Material core dia (mm) Ø70-Ø76 Ø70-Ø76
Water consumption (litre/min) 3.2 3.2
Air consumption (litre/min) 20 20
Total power (KW) 7.3 5
Power source 380V 50Hz or 220V 60Hz
Total weight (kg) 1200 1200
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 3500x1800x700 3500x1800x700
   In according with GMP standard.
   There are different forming device for different subjects to be packed: mechanical cold punch head mechanical punch head + positive pressure air, positive pressure air forming devices on ensuring even thickness of the blister, which are suitable for irregular shape, large size blisters for bottles, injector, Xilin bottles and big Chinese medicine pills, The machine can be widely used for multi products.
   World famous brand key components adopted in the machine to ensure smooth and reliable operation.
   Easy replacement of the mould when changing of the pack size.
   Computer controlled for the all machine with step-less speed regulation.
   The machine is of complete enclosure of frame type. All the touching parts with pharmaceuticals adopts stainless steel materials. Feeding pan and rolling brush in feeding mechanism are easy for replacement and cleaning.
DPP160 Al/Plastic blister packing machine
   The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, foodstuff and medical apparatus industries.
   Solid: capsule, tablet, Xilin bottle, injector, pill, etc.
   Grain: small pill, grains (0.5 g)
   Dope: honey, cheese etc.
   Packing materials: forming films PVC  PVDC  PVDC/PVC  PVC/PE
   Covering films: PTP Ai foil, paper/plastic, plastic/.paper plastic, PVC/PE.
DPP160S Al/Al-plastic blister packing machine
   The machine is suitable for tablets, capsules and pills of senior pharmaceuticals with double Al light obstructing blister packing.
   The packing has higher obstructing and light covering ability ensuring protection of medicines.

Special Configuration can be equipped according to client's requirement.
   Feeding mechanism: general rolling brush feeder, special (tablet, capsule) feeder.
   Control section: general control, interface control.
   Automatic measurement: Mechanical probe measurement, photoelectric measurement.

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