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DXDK330 Auto-feeding Packing Machine
(Multi-bag with Four-side Sealing Packing Machine)


กก DXDK330
bag width (mm) 40-100
bag length (mm) 75-120
feed in each bag  2-20g (5-40ml)
Max packing rate (bag/min) 320
Max vertical lines 8
Max. material width (mm) 330
Max. material dia (mm) 300
Material core dia (mm) Ø70-Ø76
Total power (KW) 3.3
Power source  380V 50Hz or 220V 60Hz
Weight (kg) 1000
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 1450x1230x1800

Twin-supporting executive mechanism with adequate strength to ensure consistency of the multi-layer bag sealing density. It is convenient for adjustment and maintenance. 
The vertical separation can be achieved by direct cutting and/or tear-off-lining form, so as to realized single or multi-bag combined output. 

In case altering bag size, mould need to be altered as well, the diameter of sealing roll can be changed in certain range, the bag-length can be altered in 75-120mm, bag-width can be altered in 50-100mm, while the packing material's width can be 300mm 
The newest type feeding mechanism featured in short moving distance, fast feeding speed and high packing efficiency.

The photoelectric detection points can aim the print pattern automatically.
Single measurement adjustment (micro-adjustment)

Measurement the overall adjustment.

   In according with GMP standard.
   The machine is of complete enclosure of frame type. All the touching parts with pharmaceuticals adopts stainless steel materials. 
   Applicable in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and cosmetic industries. Suitable for packing of tablets, capsules and grain status etc. Automatically controlled by computer with step-less speed control. Easy and reliable adjustment on mechanisms of  sealing, printing, tear-off lining, cutting and feeding etc.
   Requirement 1.8 sqm space, 300 bags Max. productivity, state-of-art structure, diversified configuration to meet different demands of clients. 

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