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DPH130  DPH200 Al-Plastic Blister Packing Machine


           DPH130                                                         DPH200

Replace upper/lower forming moulds
   loose 2 screw manually to replace the mould. No adjustment required because of the pin there.
Replace driving roll mould
   to loose the tightening hand wheel, then the driving roll mould can be replaced.

Replace the tear-off-lining device
   loose 4 star-handles to take off the cover, then loose the tightening rod, pull out the tear-off-lining device.
Replace the cutting device
   loose 2 star handles, take off the cover, then pull out the cutting device. Replace the cutting device when pack size changed.

  DPH130 DPH200
Max. forming area (mm2) 130x160 200x210
Max. forming depth (mm) 12 12
Max. cutting rate (times/min) 150 150-2pack 100-3pack
Max. cutting stepping length (mm) 105 105
Max. material stepping (mm) 180 210
Max. material width  (mm) 130 200
Max. material core dia (mm) PVC Ø400 Ø400
PTC Al foil  Ø280 Ø280
material core dia (mm) Ø70-Ø76 Ø70-Ø76
water consumption (litre/min) 3.2 3.2
Air consumption (litre/min) 20 75
Total power (KW) 7 9
power source  380V 50Hz or 220V, 60hz
Total weight (kg) 1200 1500
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 2200x820x1720 2500x850x1720
   The design and manufacture process are in accord with the GMP standard. The machine is of complete enclosure of frame type. All the touching parts with pharmaceuticals adopt stainless steel materials. Feeding pan and rolling brush in feeding mechanism are easy for replacement and cleaning.
   The preheating plate is featured in even heating and reliable control with only +/-2 degrees deviation which can be widely used in heat-forming materials: PVC  PP  PVC-PVDC  PVDC-PE-PVDC etc. The feature will be significant when apply narrow temperature ranged packing materials.
   The form of PVC step-forward. It adopts double-holding stepping forward in between the pneumatic holding points at the PVC heating plate the forming block, which prevent over heating of the PVC film to boil blister quality. The machine can realized high speed forming with good blister quality.
   The lower PVC heating plate will move up and down along with the forming mould. When at the lower dead point (clearance existed in between the upper and lower heating plates), the contact of PVC with heating plate reduced to avoid sticking of the PVC.
   In case complex form and deep blister in exceed of positive air forming range, supplementary punch head can be added to the forming block, then mechanical + pneumatic forming to ensure quality blister.
   Feeding platform can be adjusted freely. When changing the pack size or packing objects, only simple adjustment required within 2 minutes without replacement of the platform.
   Start and stop the machine at any time without any damage to PVC packing.
   There are protection covers on all the moving parts to ensure safe operation.
   There is pack-flatting mechanism to tidy up packed pieces in good shape.
   There will need no special tools required for replacement on adjusting mould in a short time.
   Easy manual operation on transmission system and other parts with convenient daily.





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