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QGF series drink water rinser-filler-capper line for 5 gallon bucket

  <--- QGF-120

QGF-600 --->    

กก QGF-120 QGF-240 QGF-450 QGF-600
number of filling head 1 2 3 4
filling volume 3 or 5 gallon 3 or 5 gallon 5 gallon 5 gallon
No. of capper pressing 1 2 3 4
production capacity 100-120 b/h 200-240 b/h 350-450 b/h 600 b/h
pressure of air source 0.5 Mpa 0.5 MPa 0.5 MPa 0.5 MPa
consumption of air 0.17 m3/h 0.22m3/h 0.9 m/min 2.5 m/min
Motor power 2.00 kw 3.00 kw 3.80 kw 6.00  kw
Dimensions 380x140xx170 cm 396x160x186  cm 350x135x170 cm 350x160x170 cm
Weight 700 kg 800 kg 600 kg 800 kg


   QGF series drink water rinser-filler-capper line for 5 gallon bucket is composed of bottle washing machine, bottle filling machine and sealing machine into one body especially for the production of drinking water of 5 gallon. It is an ideal filling line to produce mineral water, distilled water and purified water. The whole one is made of superior stainless steel, anticorrosive and easy to clean. The main electric components are adopted
Mitsubishi. The world famous products of AirTAC and Mitsubishi are used in the air circuit system. The machine is compactly conformed to small occupy of land and high efficiency and reliable and stable quality and high automation. Only two operators are needed for a line, which is wholly automatic barreled equipment with motor, electric unit and air three in one. 

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