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DGY16-5 fully-automatic Filler can Capper     QSP-8000 fully-automatic Rinser
                                           (Suitable for Max. 5 litre bottle) 


DGY16-5 QSP8000
Production capacity 1500 b/h 8000 b/h
bottle height 170-300 mm 140-300 mm
bottle diameter Ø90-145 mm Ø50-140 mm
Motor power 1.7 kw 2.1 kw
Dimensions 206x162x250 cm 420x140x130 cm
Weight 2.50 T 1.00 T


Feature for DGY16-5:
    suit for filling the none pressure beverage (capacity 5 litre). the machine consists of filler and capper, and can be easy to adjust with the different structual bottle. It's installed a system for automatic-filling lid. the production speed and operations of all the machine can gurantee the nonpolar timing in course of manufacture.

Feature for QSP8000
     suitable for rising the different structural new glass bottles and PET bottles. If need place the bottle, only rotates to adjust handwheel on the machine. The rail seat made by stainless steel. In appearance bestrow supper-macromolecule PP coercive-attrition stick, this can decelerate force of friction when the fixture is moving. the production speed and operations of all parts and structures can be controlled with Japanese Fuji transducer.

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