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DGX series Fully-automatic Rinser-Filler-Capper Monoblock for carbonated drink


DGX18-18-6 DGX24-24-8 DGX32-32-8
Production capacity (B/h) 5000 8000-10000 12000-14000
Filling precision <5mm (liquid level)
Filling pressure (MPa) <0.4
Polyester bottle standard bottle diameter: 50-100mm, bottle height: 150-320mm
Suitable cap shape plastic screw cap
Gas source pressure (MPa) 0.6
Gas consumption (m3/min) 0.2 0.4 0.5
Total power (KW) 4.23 6.57 8.07
Total weight (Kg) 3000 4200 5000
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 245x170x250 320x220x250 360x280x250
   This series equipment is used in producing all kinds of soda drink containjed with polyester bottle. Washing, filling and capping can be carried out on the same machine. The design of the machine scientific and reasonalbe. the appearance is beautiful and the function is complete. It operation and maintenance is convenient. It's automation is high.
   1. The suspending bottle-neck clamping design is used in machine, the filling valves rise and down to fill and let the bottle moving stable. By changing a few parts, can suit for different bottle type.
   2. the new generation of stainless steel spring is used in the washing clamps, and the clamps have no contact with the area above the bottle screw. There are many small holes in the washing nozzles, that can wash the whole area inside the bottle. The machine had two outside and inside two stages of washing, guarantee a high clean of the bottle.
   3. The advance micro-negative pressure filling technology used in this machine. The filling is quick, steady and accurate. The beverage feed back system is well designed, the gas can be feed back separately, has no contact with beverage, reduce the second time pollution and oxidation.
   4. Magnetic torque is used for screw capping, the power of screw capping can be adjusted step-less, it can use constant power to screw capping the plastic caps.
   5. The human-machine interface is the touch-screen. The most advanced PLC control and frequency changing technologies are used in this machine.
   6. All parts that direct contact with the air made in SUS304 stainless steel. The critical electronic components are from Mitsubishi, Omrom and etc. 

DGX fully-automatic Aerated Beverage Rinser Filler and Capper Monoblock


  DGX12-12-4 DGX16-20-6 DGX24-32-10
Production capacity 3000 b/h 5000 b/h 8000 b/h
bottle height 140-300 mm 140-300 mm 140-300 mm
bottle diameter Ø50-90 mm Ø50-90 mm Ø50-90 mm
Motor power 1.7 kw 2.4 kw 4.2 kw
Dimensions 178x171x245 cm 188x168x250 cm 260x226x250 cm
Weight 3.40 T 3.80 T 5.00 T


    Suitable for rinsing, filling and capping procudures in mass production of polyester bottles filled with liquids such as aerated beverage drinking water. the production speed can be controlled with the frequency converter.
  • 8000 b/h carbonated drink filling machine complete line   <---  click
    • (1) QHJ-6B Aerated Beverage automatic Mixer
      suitable for Mixing precedure of beverage content ratio such as water, syrup and CO2 in the soft and hard drinking productiom scuh as soda water, cola, fruit juice and mineral water. This mixer is equipped with deoxidizing and CO2-recycling devices, and it also adopts series connection disks to make layer thinner so as to increase the carbonizing time.

      QHJ-6B Aerated Beverage automatic Mixer

      Production capacity: 6000kg/h
      CO2 content: >3 times
      Motor power: 6.6 KW
      Dimension: 1800x1400x2600mm
      weight: 2.00 T

      (2) DLX-3000 freezing water tank
      this water tank is used to contain the treated ambient temperature water, which has been pumped into the tank. An evaporator is installed to form a complete set with the water tank, as the freon pressure condensation assembly (refrigerate compressor) has been connected with the tank, it begins operating. The water in the tank will be dropped from ambient temperature to 3-5 C

      DLX-3000 freezing water tank
      production capacity: 3000kg/h
      outlet pipe diameter: D1"
      water tank volume: 4000L
      motor power: 22kw
      dimension: 2620x1620x1620mm
      weight: 2.00T

      (3) 4F-10 refrigerate compressor

      (4) DLX-400 syrup freezing tank

      This syrup freezing tank is used to contain the ambient temperature syrup water, which has been pumped into the tank. The fixture is installed pressure condensation assembly which made in France. The syrup water in the tank will be dropped from ambient temperature to the temperature designed, at last which is sent to mixed in the mixer.

      DLX-400 syrup freezing tank
      production capacity: 400 kg/h
      motor power: 5.02kw
      dimension: 1400x1040x2430
      weight: 0.80T

      (5)MC-300 bottle heating machine

      (6) PLG-300 preparing jar

      (7) TSG-300 syrup filter

      (8) CO2 filter

      (9) ZSG-1 cap feeder

      (10) DGX24-32-10 carbonated drink rinser filler and capper

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