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Automatic bottle sealing and shrinking PE film packing machine

GP 250 Automatic Sealing & Shrinking Machine
(with GP402 PE shrinking Machine)

The automatic sealing and cutting series is applied to the collective packing in food can, beverage, alcohol, daily chemical products and daily-life necessity (applicable to round shape, square shape and flat shape). After products after packing possess the functions of anti-moisture, anti-dust and anti-breakage.

1. Rational machine structure design, easy manipulation, can be used. with PE thermal contracting machine, and also be connected to unmanned packing line.
   2. Using roll films to complete the whole process of bagging, filling, sealing and cutting automatically with high packing speed.
   3. using PLC control to reduce the number of mechanical contacts, contributing to a more stable system and easier maintenance.
   4. Frequency-conversion stepless speed adjustment featuring easiness and simplicity.
   5. Using photoelectric detection control featuring stability and reliability.

production capacity
12 bottle (for 1.5 litre) per bag, 6-8 bags/minute
24 bottle (for 0.5 litre) per bag, 6-8 bags/minute
(with carton pallet)

GP-254 automatic whole-row contracting packing machine
(with GP402 PE shrinking Machine)

In addition to its normal range automatic sealing and cutting functions, this machine also features the function of automatic arranging and arraying, enabling the collective packing of unmanned high efficiency. The articles after packing have the functions of easy delivery and storage, resistance to breakage and reduction of packing cost.

production capacity
6 bottle (for 1.5 litre) per bag, 6-8 bags/minute
12 bottle (for 0.5 litre) per bag, 6-8 bags/minute
without carton pallet

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