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CF-01 Automatic carton open machine


1.Complete box opening, shaping, bottom folding automatically; stick adhesive tape to underpart timely; save labor;
2.correct right angle automatically;
3.easy to adjust size of paper box; wide applied range of paper box
4.easy to operate and reduce packing cost
Product Function:  standard type:
Size: 1700*1925*1340 (L*W*H)
Size Applied: L 500max-200min
W 400max-180min
H 400max-80min
Shaping Capability: 720 pieces/Hour (max)
Paper box Stack Volume: 100 pieces/Hour (corrugated paperbox)
paper material: general specification corrugated paper
Adhesive Tape Used: DDP Kraft paper 38mm or 50mm wide
Size Change: 1 minute of handle adjustment
Power: 0.5Mpa (5Kg/cm2) Air Consumption: 300 L/min
Weight: 600Kg
Product Use:  applied for assembly line of relatively high output; also used individually. 

ZXP-01 fully-automatic bottle packing machine


  Description:  Performance & Features:
Arrange products automatically according to packing requirement;
new design and tight construction;
widely applied and suitable for many kinds of products packing;
especially suitable for assembly line and easy to move;
computer control, easy to operate and stable movement;

Product Function:  standard type
Size: 2440*1260*1830mm (L*W*H)
Packing Capacity: 4800-7200 Bottles/Hour
Packing Articles: Big-sized Infusion Bottle, etc.(partition board possible)
Power Supply: AC220V
Power: 0.4KW
Air Pressure: 0.5-0.6Mpa(5-6Kg/cm2)
Air Consumption: 350 L/min
Weight: 700kg

QZF-01 carton sealing machine



1.High-performance adjustable automatic paper box folding device of upper part inner and outside fold pages;
2.Independent design, tight construction, suitable for long time use;
3. Wide range of applied paper box; easy to adjust size with handle;
4.suitable for individually use in assembly line; easy to move;
5.easy to operate with computer and movement is stable

Standard Type:
Size: 1300*900*1650mm (L*W*H)
   (L) 600-200mm
Size Applied: (W) 500-80mm
     (H) 380-100mm
Sealing Capacity: general size paper box 720/H Max
Power Supply: single-phase AC220V 50HZ
Gas Supply: 5Kg/cm2
Weight: 250KG (4 wheels attached)

suitable for assembly line work of relatively high output.


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