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CSD-150P CSD-200P CSD-240P CSD-300P CSD-360P CSD-450P
Theoretical injection capacity cm3 442 595 760 1200 1808 2242
Shot weight g 508 683 875 1380 2080 2808
screw diameter mm Ø50 Ø55 Ø60 Ø70 Ø80 Ø90
injection pressure MPa 158 154 155 161 137 133
Injection rate g/s 232 292 385 290 446 701
Plastic rate g/s 26 34 50 52 70 88
screw speed rp.m 0-180 0-180 0-180 0-160 0-120 0-120
screw L/D ratio L/D 22 22 22 22 22 22
clamping force KN 1500 2000 2400 3000 3600 4500
Clamp stroke mm 375 450 505 570 660 710
Space between tie-bars mm 430x430 460x460 525x525 590x590 680x680 740x740
mould thickness mm 150-450 180-520 200-520 220-580 250-730 280-830
ejector force KN 39.6 39.6 62 62 62 100
Ejector stroke mm 130 140 140 160 160 200
Ejector quantity n 5 5 5 9 13 13
hooper capacity L 25 50 50 50 50 50
Heater power KW 9.5 14.7 24.6 35 48 60
Pump motor power KW 18.5 22 30 37 37 45
Max. pump pressure MPa 16 16 16 16 16 16
Machine dimension m 5.2x1.25x1.9 5.4x1.6x2.1 5.8x1.6x2.2 6.6x1.8x2.2 7.8x2.1x2.3 8.3x2.2x2.4
Machine weight T 4.8 6 8 12.5 16 18.5
Standard Device:
   T-shape cabinet style fixing and moving mould plate enable clamping unit higher strength
   Moving mould plate with inclined iron stand guarantees maximum strength of clamping unit.
   optimized designed PET screw controls AA level effectively. It guarantees high rate of end products.
   Austrian made top brand of the world KEBA computer controller with big colorful screen (specially designed for injection machine) support languages of many countries. It is equipped with internet junction for remote control.
   Drive source with world famous brand double pumps system ensure low power consumption of equipment and create maximum profit gap for the user.
   Different clamping function enhances clamping speed. 
   Clamping unit with ultra-low pressure protection reduces the probability if mould damage during production.
   The control unit equipped with cooperate function of clamping unit and ejecting unit (non-interference in adjustment of pressure and flow-rate). It minumizes the cycle time and reduces the production cost.
   Special designed hydraulic loop keep the hydraulic oil clean for long time and minimizes the trouble rate of hdraulic unit.
   The entire optire optimized design keeps the machine running in low noise and improve the working circumstance efficiently.

Setting List:
   electric motor: Beijing BIJIE, China
   Hysraulic pump: VICKERS, USA.
   Hydraulic motor: CALZONI, ITALY
   Proportional valve: YUKEN, JAPAN
   Electromagnetic directional valve: VICKERS, USA.
   Oil filter: TAIWAN
   Computer: KEBA.8C, AUSTRIA
   Air switch: SCHNEIDER, FRANCE
   Linear petentiometer: NOVOTECHNIK, GERMANY
   Pressure meter: TECSIS, GERMANY
   Oil coller: KAMUIFS, JAPAN
   Limited Switch: OMRON, JAPAN
   Proximity switch: OMRON, JAPAN
   Photoelectric Sensor: OMRON, JAPAN
   High oressure hydraulic oil pipe: RIVAFLEX, USA.
   Oil seals: VALQUA, JAPAN

CSD PET injection molding machine adopts proporational power saving pressure, flow hydraulic system and differential hydraulic calmping unit.

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