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PET Special Injection Machine


Model injection unit PET80 PET120 PET150 PET180 PET220 PET250 PET330
screw diameter mm 42 50 50 55 67 75 83
screw L/D ratio L/D 22:1 22:1 22:1 22:1 22:1 22:1 22:1
shot weight g 210 382 397 567 860 1278 1720
oz 7.4 13.5 14 20 30.5 45 60.7
injection rate g/s 170 190 200 225 358 460 590
injection pressure MPa 110 110 124 138 118 137 130
plasticizing capacity kg/h 75 90 94 110 162 185 250
clamping system hydraulic
clamping force KN 800 1200 1500 1800 2200 2500 3300
distance between tie cm 36x30 41x36 41x41 46x46 51x46 56x51 71x56
clamping stroke mm 440 540 620 700 800 830 920
Max. daylight mm 600 700 800 900 1000 1050 1200
closed daylight (min) mm 160 160 180 200 200 220 280
ejector stroke mm 150 150 150 150 150 150 150
ejection force KN 41 41 41 41 47.5 54 54
oil tank capacity L 180 210 210 300 350 400 600
pump motor KW 11 15 15 18.5 22 30 37.5
heating capacity KW 8 9.5 11.5 13 16 20.5 25
machine weight kg 3200 4000 4600 5500 7000 8000 14000
Four cylinder fully hydraulic clamping structure is adopted.
      1. three position points on each of the four cylinders create a very long guide for the moving platen, which is up to 4 times of the normal machines resulting more stable movement. thus, evenly stressed on the mold and equally wall thickness of the preform can be realized, and eccentricity due to uneven stress during molding can be avoided.
      2. without any adjustment to the mold and oil lubrication, the machine is clean and accord with the sanitary requirement for food packing.
      3. ejector stroke is especially long and can be enlarge to meet the automatic production demand.
      4. the clamping force is uniform and the action can be repeated under a very high precision.
      5. the mold is stressed evenly, the clamping force is controlled according to be feedback of the injection pressure and increased up to 5 times of the injection pressure automatically. Unclamping will not occur. The clamping force goes down upon the injection concluded. Energy saving can be realized and heavy load for a long time on the mold can be avoided. The longevity of the mold can be increased by 50% at least.
      6. compared with toggled machine, our machine is faster and save more energy.
   * Adopt PET special screw and big L/D ratio to plasticize evenly, the transparent has been increased and the shrinkage of the preform can be improved.
   * Big diameter multi-component water knockout vessel is equipped to cool the mold efficiently.
   * Accurate and stable low pressure protection function to ensure the mold will be protected even in an accident of the product failing to fall down (this function can be tested by cotton thread).
   * During the cooling stage, the clamping force decrease step by step according to the reduction of the injection pressure down to zero before opening to avoid the open impact. The internal stress can be eliminated and the rupture on the neck occurred during opening can be prevented.
   * The serviceable range is very large. For example, edible oil preform can be made by PET180, and 5 gallon preform can be molded by Model PET250 if the min. mould thickness is increased up to 100mm. 
  • Structure and action analysis for clamping unit:
    • (see above picture) four piston rods (tie rods) cross through the movable platen and their ends are fixed on the four angles of the stationary platen and the back stand. Four cylinders are sleeve over the piston rods and fixed on the movable platen. Two mold-moving cylinder are assembled between the movable platen and back stand or between the movable platen and the front stationary platen. The mold-moving cylinder drive the movable platen to open or close the mold, and the high pressure clamping is fulfilled during the process that the pressure oil is filled into four cylinder.
         The four bars are stressed evenly, and the force line is shortened by 40%, the system has a good rigidity.
         the clamping force repeats precisely.
         The clamping force can be controlled according to the feedback of the injection pressure.
         the position of the mold can be adapted automatically.
         High precise products can be molded, such as gear, lens and CD. 
  • It is favorable for long core products, and molding big products by a small Model machine can be available.
    •    compare with the toggled type injection molding machine, the opening stroke of our machine is 1/3 longer and can be further extended according to the user's requirement.
         there are three position points on each of the four cylinders enable the movable platen to conduct quite a long guide for its smooth motion. This feature facilitates to make the long core products.
  • the longevity of the machine and the mold can be increased by more than 50%
    • There are no wear and tear in the pin and spindle that always occur in the toggle machines.
      Low pressure protection is sensitive and reliable.
      the tie bars (column bars) can bear heavier pull because they are stressed evenly and force line shortened by 40%.
      the mould is stressed evenly.
      The clamping force will decrease once the injection is over. therefore, the heavy load bearing time of the machine and the mold will be shortened by more than 3/4.
  • The speed increase by 20%, energy saving by 10%
    • with 2 mold-moving cylinder and 4 clamping cylinders, the contradiction of the force and speed can be resolved.
    • the oil circuit between the left and right chamber of the clamping cylinders is quite short and resistance is very low.
    • the right chamber of cylinder is compensated by the pressure oil from the left chamber of the same cylinder. The following trouble in the traditional liquid-filled injection molding machines can be avoided: crawling and time-consuming in the pressure increasing process usually occurs as a result of insufficient vacuum oil-suction.
    • The time for multiplying the oil pressure is only 1/5 of the tradiitonal fully hydraulic injection molding machines.
    • No multiplied oil refilling will be needed to the clamping cylinders while pressure holding is in processing.
    • The action will be more stable, more accurate and faster by four section control to the clamping force and speed.
    • Compared with the foreign fully hydraulic machines, more than 1/3 hydraulic units have been reduced and the energy saving of 15% is realized by an advanced design and smart matching of the hydraulic system.
  • other merits:
    • no mold adjustment is needed.
    • there are few wear-and-tears in the clamping system and no lubricant is to be supplied.
    • there are pnly a few stressed parts in the clamping system. the mechanism and hydraulic systems are quite simple. the maintenance is easy and the charges for it can be saved a lot.
    • The clamping force increase accordingly, up to 1.5 times, with the growth of the injection pressure during injection to ensure the mold-relieving can be avoided.
    • The export standard of the permitted leakage volume is only 1/100 of the JIS (Japanese industrial standard)
    • There is an option of press injection feature for multi-molding requirements.

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