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Plastic injection machine
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   plastic injection machine
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   disc molding machine

Fully-auto rinser-filler-capper

PET bottle blow machine

Mould for preform and bottle

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Bottled label & pack machine

Film blower & bag maker

Pharmacy packing machine

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D50 Disc Molding Machine

Dics conveyer
To transport the disc from the molding machine to the metallize and lacquering unit.


Sputtering equipment
The disc is inserted into the metalier's vacuum chamber. A thin layer of Aluminum or other reflectible metal is sputtered on the disc's surface.
Lacquering unit
The disc is spin-coated with a protective lacquer on the reflectible surface.

UV-curing station
The lacquer film is exposed to an UV radiation source for curing.
Output buffer
The disc is transported to the output buffer and ready for printing
Clamping unit
clamping force KN 500
mould open stroke mm 230
Min. mould height  mm 170
Max. daylight mm 400
distance between tie rods mm 310x260
Injection unit
screw diameter mm 28
screw L/D ratio L/D 26:1
shot volume cm 49
shot weight PC g 50
injection pressure MPa 210
injection rate g/s 200
plasticizing capacity g/s 15
screw speed rpm 0.380
   The advanced Model of injection molding machine firstly is used in optical disc production in China. The digital signal groove mark on hte disc face molded is only 0.11um (1/700 of harline)
   The three cylinder clamping structure with patents issued by America, Japan and European countries, makes the force evenly applying on the mold and is suitable for high precision molding.
   The high efficiency slider-type manipulator is of simple structure, speedy and reliable operation, high performance and big added value.
   The screw type plasticizing unit with L/C ratio 26:1 and pneumatic control nozzle ensure plasticizing uniform and shot weight precise.
   Large screen display computer with advanced language program is used to realize the easy operation, accurately control and better man-machine matching unitization.
   Advance servo valve control the oil circuit system, so the injection process could be controlled precisely.
   Accumulator for high pressure injection with quick response especially facilitates to make the thin wall products.

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